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We also have extensive experience in the design of thermal analysis and rheology instrumentation, our staff having worked for several of the classic Thermal Analysis companies. Our designed heating and cooling systems are fitted to several analytical instrumentation and are amongst the most efficient in the world. We have developed several DMA, that are now sold by leading Thermal Analysis companies around the world. We also pioneered and developed immersion and humidity capabilities as standard additions to DMA and DETA.

Our knowledge of polymers and their properties recently lead us to develop the identiPol product range as a simple to use affordable instrument for the plastics industry. Although small and compact, the identiPol family measures the same physical parameters as the research and development instruments (DMA and DSC) from which its technology is derived. This development allows easy Quality Control (QC) and analysis of thermoplastics into the Plastics Industry and where further materials information is required, our support staff are available to help.

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